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Can You Use Welding Cables And Battery Cables Interchangeably?

Welding cables and battery cables are often compared because they have similar amperage capabilities. Can you use a soldered cable in a battery, and if so, what is the best way to do it?

Solder Or Battery? Definition And Common Applications

Solder cables are flexible and durable high heat-resistant cables, usually with EPDM insulation, originally designed for soldering wires. They are equipped with stranded copper conductors. Today, welders’ cables with dual RHH/RHW ratings are quite versatile and can be used in many applications, including industrial use and other harsh environments. If you would like to learn more about the applications of soldering lead wires, read the blog on this topic.

Battery cables are used to connect batteries to their starters. Automotive wire is a separate group of battery wires for automobiles. Common battery cables are SGT, SGX and STX. common automotive wires include GXL, SXL, TXL, GPT, TWP, and HDT. these cables usually come with PVC or XLPE insulation and have limited flexibility. However, they are perfect for typical battery applications. To learn more about the subtypes of automotive battery cabling, read this blog.

Can I Use Solder Cables In Batteries?

Solder cables are compatible with battery applications. With most manufacturers, when batteries and welding cables are the same sizes, they have the same amperage, which makes installing a welder’s cable in a battery the same way you would install a battery cable.

Welders’ cables have excellent resistance to high heat. With EPDM insulation, it has a temperature range of -50°C to 105°C, making it ideal for battery use. Welding cables rank higher than battery cables when it comes to flame resistance, as they meet UL 1581 flame resistance standards. Battery cables are also flame retardant, but the standards they meet, UL 558 and UL 553, are not as good as welders’ cables UL 1581. Both battery cables and welding cables are resistant to oil, grease, and harsh cuts, so they are both well suited for batteries in this regard.

EPDM-insulated solder lead wire performs far better in freezing temperatures than PVC-insulated battery cable; therefore, if your batteries are exposed to cold regularly, you may want to consider using solder cable. If the battery cable is XLPE insulated, this comparison is moot because it is unlikely to harden in the cold.

It makes sense to choose welding cables for larger battery packs because they have a larger size range than different types of battery cables.

Please note that to comply with National Electrical Code standards, for most applications, including batteries, welding cables need to have a dual RHH/RHW rating. Welding cables that do not have an RHH/RHW rating should only be used for welding wire.

Can I Use Battery Cables For Welding Arcs?

While welding cables are suitable for battery applications, this does not work both ways. Battery cables cannot be used for welding arcs because welding cables are the only type approved for welding arcs in the world.

Can You Use Welding Wire Instead Of Automotive Battery Cable?

Welding lead wire can be used for automotive batteries, but whether or not to use it is a matter of preference.
Some people say that solder wire is too expensive to replace cheaper battery cables in automotive applications, while others prefer it for car batteries and car amplifiers. For some, solder cable seems to be easier to install than battery cable. While it is true that solder cable is more expensive, it can be especially useful if you need a cable rated at 600 volts or a very flexible cable.

In Summary

Properly rated welding cable can replace battery cable, but not vice versa. While there is no need to replace the battery cable with the welding wire, this is an option if you need a flexible cable with a higher voltage than a normal battery cable. Welded lead wire is also suitable for automotive batteries.
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