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How to Install the Strain Clamp? And What are the Advantages of Strain Clamps?

dead end clamp

Classification and Role of Strain Clamps

A strain clamp refers to the hardware used to fix the wire to withstand the tension of the wire and hang the overhead cable line on the strain string or tower.

According to different structures and installation conditions, strain clamps can be roughly divided into two categories.

The first category: The strain clamp must withstand the full tension of the wire or lightning conductor. And the grip strength of the clamp is not less than 90 of the rated tensile strength of the wire or lightning conductor to be installed, but it is not used as a conductor. This type of clamp can be removed after the wire is installed and used separately. This kind of clamp has a bolt-type tension clamp and wedge-type tension clamp.
The second category: In addition to bearing the full tension of the wire or lightning protection wire, the tension clamp is also used as a conductor. Therefore, once this type of clamp is installed, it cannot be disassembled, which is also called a deadline clamp. Because it is a conductive body, the installation of the wire clamp must be carried out carefully by the relevant installation rules.

Strain clamps are used for corners, splices, and terminal connections. Spiral aluminum clad steel wire has extremely strong tensile strength, no concentrated stress, protects the optical cable, and assists in damping vibration.


1. Effectively prevent short-circuit accidents caused by overlapping of small animals such as birds and beasts or foreign objects.
2. Prevent electrical accidents caused by condensation flashing, dirty flashing, and icicles sticking to snow.
3. Prevent acid rain, salt spray, and harmful chemical gases from corroding the transformer inlet and outlet wires.
4. Avoid personal injury and death accidents caused by pedestrians accidentally touching the exposed electrical contacts.
5. The fully enclosed operation of the protective cover and the metering device can prevent criminals from stealing electricity.
6. The buckle structure is simple to install and can be reused.