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Nexans Receives Order For BorWin6 Offshore Connection System Cable

Order for Cables for BorWin6 Offshore Connection System

Nexans has received an order for cables for the BorWin6 offshore grid connection system, supplying offshore, shoal, and land cables for the project.

The system operator TenneT said, “We have a long and mutually trusting partnership with Nexans, which guarantees us both reliability and quality.”

BorWin6 is the last grid connection project TenneT realized in the German North Sea before the technological leap to 2 GW and 525 kV cables.

The project will use 320 kV DC cables. Among other things, about 400 kilometers of copper conductor cables with diameters up to about 14 centimeters will be produced for offshore laying, including spare cables. They weigh about 47 kg per meter. On land, cables with aluminum conductors, weighing 16 kg per meter and with a diameter of 12.5 cm, are also used.

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The Date of the Project and The Date of its Commissioning

It is reported that the laying of the submarine cable is scheduled to begin in 2025. Two cables will be laid for grid connection, as well as an additional fiber optic cable, which is important for the control system.

The wind turbines are connected directly to the BorWin kappa offshore platform via an innovative 66 kV three-phase cable. This saves the need for the substation previously required for each wind farm and the 155 kV three-phase cable previously used to connect to the TenneT offshore platform.

TenneT uses a 235 km long ultra-high voltage DC underwater cable to transmit the electricity to the Schleswig-Holstein converter station on land after conversion via low-loss DC technology. Here, the DC power is converted back into a three-phase current and fed into the UHV grid.

According to the plan, the system will be commissioned in 2027.