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What Is Armored Cable and What is Its Use Performance

With the variety of cables and the higher and higher requirements and demands for cables in life, there is another kind of cable that is widely used nowadays, and that is armored cable. There are armored cables, but there must be non-armored cables, so what are the uses and differences between them? Here let ZMS cable company Xiaobian take you to understand.

Armored Cable

1. Different Concepts

Armored cable is made of different material conductors packed in a metal sleeve with insulating material, which is processed into a solid combination that can be bent. The armored cable includes an armored thermocouple, armored RTD, armored heater, and armored lead, mainly used for temperature measurement, signal transmission, and special heating of chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, power generation, scientific test, etc. The largest amount is an armored thermocouple.
Non-armor cable: cable without armor protective layer, made of several or groups of wires each group of at least two twisted together into a rope-like line, each group of wires insulated from each other and often twisted around a center, the whole outer wrapped with a highly insulating cover.

2. Different Uses

An armored cable mechanical protection layer can be added to any structure of the line to increase the mechanical strength of the wire, and improve the erosion resistance, and is designed for the wire and line vulnerable to mechanical damage and extremely vulnerable to erosion areas. It can be laid in any way and is more suitable for direct burial in rocky areas.

Armored cable is generally a fixed laying power wire, which is fixed in one place and basically does not move, and the power line transmits electric power.
The purpose of line plus armored layer can enhance the tensile strength, compressive strength, and other mechanical protection to extend the service life in addition to the above.

The armored has a certain resistance to external force and can also prevent the rat from tearing and not causing power transmission problems through the armored, the bending radius of the armored should be large, and the armored layer can be grounded to protect the line.

Foreign armored cable production is mainly concentrated in a few more developed countries, such as the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, Russia, and Southeast Asia, there is no manufacturer, but as long as there are chemical, metallurgical, machinery manufacturing, power generation, and other industrial places have temperature measurement, you need armored power wire.


Non-armor cable: In addition to the case of buried, basically all use non-armor electrical wire. The main purpose is to transmit electrical energy, signals, and electromagnetic conversion. Transmission of electricity such as power wires, overhead lines, etc. Transmission of signals such as coaxial line. The realization of electromagnetic conversion such as an enameled wire.

There are generally used for information transmission system wires and lines mainly municipal telephone cables, television cables, electronic cables, radio frequency cables, fiber optic cables, data cables, electromagnetic lines, power communications, or other composite cables, etc.

Machinery and equipment, instrumentation systems: In addition to overhead bare wire almost all other products are used, but mainly power wires, electromagnetic cables, data cables, instrumentation cables, etc.

3. Different Structure

The armored cable uses a steel belt or steel wire winding, which is used to protect the power wire from the damage and injury of external mechanical force; it can also prevent rats and termites from tearing and not causing power transmission problems through the armor, the bending radius of the armor is large, and the armor layer can be grounded to protect the cable.

The outer protective layer of armored cable adopts a steel belt or steel wire winding, which is used to protect the wire from the damage of external mechanical force; and the cross-linked line refers to the line conductor outside insulation layer material made of cross-linked polyethylene material. Armored cross-linked polyethylene cables can be used, i.e. cables insulated with cross-linked materials and protected by an armored outer layer.

Non-armored cable has insulation and a protective sheath device, and there is no armored part.

4. Distinguish On The Model Number

There are 2 digits on the model number of armored cable, and the penultimate digit means armored and unarmored power cable is the line without armored.
For example, YJV23, YJ is cross-linked polyethylene insulation, V PVC inner sheath, 2 means double steel belt armored, 3 means the outer sheath is polyethylene.

The armor is divided into steel belt armor(22,23), fine steel wire armor(32,33), and coarse steel wire armor(42,43).

If you use polyethylene sheath to change “2” to “3” can be. Such as YJV stands for ordinary cord, and YJV22 stands for the armored power cable.

5. Price of Armored Cable

The price of armored cable is about 12-15% higher than that of unarmored wire. The cable already has good external protection, such as the use of string steel pipe protection, or laid in a very good operating environment, from the engineering economy point of view, can not be armored and choose an ordinary line.


6. The Role of Armored Cable

The purpose of wire with armor layer is not only to enhance the tensile strength, compressive strength, and other mechanical protection elongated life but also to improve the line anti-interference performance through shielding protection.

The commonly used armored materials are steel belts, steel wire, aluminum belts, aluminum tubes, etc. Among them, steel belt and steel wire armored layer have high permeability and good magnetic shielding effect, which can be used to resist low-frequency interference and can make armored cable laying in direct burial without wearing tube and cheap and good quality in practical use, which is very suitable for direct burial laying in rocky areas.

The above is the specific introduction of armored wire, hope to have a little understanding of everyone. Power cable company’s professionalism of all products is important to protect the rights and interests of customers and provide the best quality service.