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What Kind Of Cables Are Used In PV Power Plants?

pv power cableDuring the construction of a PV power plant, in addition to the main equipment such as PV modules, inverters, and step-up transformers.
The PV cable material for the supporting connections also plays a vital role in the overall profitability, operational safety, and efficiency of the PV power plant.
Photovoltaic power plant.
The following details the use of common cables and materials in PV power plants and the environment in which they are used.
According to the system of photovoltaic power plants, cables can be divided into DC cables and AC cables, according to their classification as follows for different uses and environments.

1. DC cables

(1) Inter-component series cables.
(2) Parallel cables between strings and between strings and DC distribution boxes (junction boxes).
(3) Cable between DC distribution box and inverter.
The above cables are DC cables and are laid outdoors.
They need to be moisture-proof, sun-proof, cold-resistant, heat-resistant, and UV-resistant. In some special environments, they also need to be resistant to chemical substances such as acids and alkalis.

2. AC cables

(1) Connection cable from inverter to a step-up transformer.
(2) The connection cable from the step-up transformer to the power distribution unit.
(3) The connection cable from the distribution unit to the grid or the user.

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